Machine vision and video content analysis for business

We create systems and services based on computer vision algorithms and video analytics


Some of the challenges faced by companies:

  • Determination of particle size distribution
  • Determination of vehicle dimensions
  • Defect detection based on machine vision
  • Recognition of numbers, articles, inscriptions
  • Determining the speed of vehicles
  • Determination of the size of ore on the conveyor
  • Labor protection and industrial safety systems
  • Control of production from drones
  • Recognition of objects broadcast from drones and unmanned aerial vehicles
  • Determination of the parameters of the flotation process

The company is based on the international laboratory of machine learning at ITMO University and develops in the field of computer vision and video analytics algorithms for solving various business problems. In recent years, many projects have been implemented for the largest Russian enterprises, including Norilsk Nickel, NMLK, EPM, Gazprom Neft. This allowed us to accumulate sufficient experience and become a leading development company in the field of implementing intelligent machine vision algorithms.


Application areas

Today, machine vision is widely used in many sectors of the digital economy, such as industry, retail, Autonomous vehicles and driver assistance systems, unmanned aerial vehicles, high-tech agriculture, healthcare, and many others.

  • Computer vision allows retailers to automate processes that previously needed to be performed manually. You can receive notifications about finished products or other customer requirements that are not met automatically by creating an Analytics system directly at the point of sale. Computer vision technology allows you to control the work of staff, count visitors, optimize your work schedule, analyze the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, and many other applications.

  • Inventory analysis, automated sorting and tracking systems, scanners for reading barcodes and checking product compliance with the order. Automated systems for admission and control, as well as systems for forecasting demand and supply volumes based on machine learning.

  • Modern high-tech production requires special approaches to product quality control, as well as optimization of technological processes. Machine vision has made a real technological breakthrough and significantly expanded the capabilities of flaw detection in the industry, taking it to a new level. Now technologies allow you to track quality not only after the product or product is manufactured, but also directly during the production process. Other possibilities of using computer vision, such as, for example, analysis of the granulometric composition of raw materials, can significantly optimize the production process.

  • Monitoring the work of staff, user traffic, temperature control in the flow of people optimization of the work schedule, analysis of the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and many other applications can be solved by computer vision technology.

  • Monitoring the work of staff, violations of regulations and labor discipline by employees, detection of visitor traffic, violation of public safety and order, and many other applications can be solved by computer vision technology.

  • The introduction of computer vision technologies in conjunction with global positioning systems allows precision farming, which can significantly increase agricultural productivity and efficiency. Monitoring of agricultural fields from satellite images and unmanned aerial vehicles, determining the maturity of the crop allows you to make forecasts of the amount of products.

  • The use of computer vision for medical image processing is used in computer diagnostics to plan personal therapy, medical care, and improve decision-making. Computer vision systems help the doctor make a diagnosis, because the image may contain small details that the doctor may not notice, but such details can be recognized by the system with a high degree of accuracy. In addition, the image can be compared with thousands of other similar images in the medical system database, and the result of the comparison is used for more accurate diagnosis by a medical professional.

  • Computer vision is used to build side-traffic warning systems, autopilots, and Autonomous vehicles.


The company in figures

The main achievements of the company in recent years

200+ projects in the field of machine learning and data analysis 200+
50+ specialists involved in various projects 50+
10+ leading developers and scientists with academic degrees 10+


Solutions based on our technologies

Object size recognition

Recognition of the sizes and dimensions of industrial facilities, vehicles, etc.

Speed detection of moving objects

Speed detection of vehicles, objects on the conveyor, etc.

Object type, color, and shape detection

Object recognition from unmanned aerial vehicles and satellites. Detection of product defect characteristics, etc.

Text recognition for different alphabets

Recognition of labels, numbers, qr codes, markings, tables of arbitrary alphabets in conditions of high noise.

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Stages of building intelligent systems based on machine vision algorithms


Image detection and analysis systems, systems for determining the dimensions, speeds, colors, etc. of vehicles, object detection from drones, occupational safety systems based on machine vision, and much more.

  • All
  • Industry
  • Development
  • Retail


Manufacturing defects detection


Industrial safety at enterprises


Industrial safety at enterprises


Intelligent barrier based on recognition systems


Production detection system


Production detection system


Smart cameras


Video Analytics systems in retail


Video Analytics systems in retail


Management and key employees of the company

Федоров Сергей


Head of Statanly Technologies. Head of Business Development and Marketing Department

Фильченков Андрей


PhD in Physics and Mathematics, Head of the International Machine Learning Laboratory at ITMO University

Сметанников Иван

Head of Machine Learning Department

Candidate of Technical Sciences, Deputy Head of the International Laboratory for Machine Learning at ITMO University

Муравьев Сергей

Head of Data Analysis Department

PhD in Engineering, Leading Researcher at the International Machine Learning Laboratory at ITMO University

Вячеслав Шаламов

Head of High Load Systems Department

Leading Fellow of the International Laboratory of Machine Learning, ITMO University

Валерия Ефимова

Head of Machine Vision and Video Analytics Department

Leading Fellow of the International Laboratory of Machine Learning, ITMO University

Евгений Ивичев


Deputy General Director, Head of Marketing Department

Алексей Забашта

Senior developer

Leading Specialist in Data Analysis and Machine Learning

Святослав Орешин

Senior developer

Leading Specialist in Data Analysis and Machine Learning

Егор Крашенинников

Senior developer

Leading Specialist in Data Analysis and Machine Learning

Николай Ковтун

Senior developer

Leading Specialist in Data Analysis and Machine Learning


Flexible pricing and iterative development process


from 0free consultation

  • Business requirements analysis
  • Problem statement
  • Data analysis
  • Implementation of basic algorithms
  • Software development based on the developed algorithms

Enterprise solution

Priceon demand

  • Business requirements analysis and problem statement
  • Problem statement
  • Search and implementation of optimal algorithms
  • Software development based on the developed algorithms
  • Deployment, support


Learn about frequently asked questions

  • How do I know that machine vision and video Analytics are applicable in my case?

    Call or write to us and we will advise you for free and answer all your questions about the possibility of implementing intelligent algorithms.

  • To create systems based on machine learning, you usually need a training sample that will be used for training algorithms. In the case of solutions based on machine vision , this is a set of photo and video materials.

  • In machine learning tasks, the results and accuracy of algorithms depend on the quality of the data they are based on, so it is difficult to predict in advance how good the results will be in the end. Pilot projects allow you to test the concept and quality of basic algorithms in a short time and at a low cost. As a rule, for conducting pilot projects, corporate solutions are created based on the created algorithms.

  • We adhere to the concept of iterative development. The implementation of any, even a very complex task is divided into stages that last about a month. At the end of each stage, our clients get results and we evaluate the prospects for continuing the project and increasing the quality and accuracy of the system being developed.

  • All rights, source code, and detailed documentation are transferred to the requester.


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